AIRAID Offers Air Intake Tubes for You Build It DIYers

The AIRAID 100-025 intake tube set for construction of custom air intake systems.

The 2 1/2-inch outside diameter, one-piece tube is roto-molded and offers many lengths and bends

Whether you are a car enthusiast who wants to achieve better performance from your car or whether you are a car enthusiast who wants to build a high performance car from scratch, AIRAID offers a variety of air intake components perfect for completing the task.

If you are inquiring about an air intake system, then you probably know what they do. However, for the small chance that you don’t, the air intake system draws air into the engine to assist in giving the proper balance of air/fuel mixture and the best possible performance and fuel mileage. The system includes a mass airflow sensor that monitors the amount of air that goes into the engine and controls the amount of fuel that is mixed with that air. That data is fed to the car’s computer, which serves as the power control module balancing everything out to ensure the best possible performance and fuel mileage of the engine.

You need to be certain that the air filter is clean. So it is advised that you check it every time you change the oil. AIRAID air filters are included in AIRAID air intake component kits and can be washed and reused. So there is no need to buy another filter when you discover that it is too dirty to perform properly. AIRAID also offers air filter cleaning kits that are formulated to clean the filter so that it can be reused.

If you want to construct an air intake system for your car, you may want to start off with the AIRAID 100-025 UBI (you build it) air intake tube set. This one-piece air intake tube includes a variety of bends and straight pipes you need to construct the intake piping for a custom air intake system. The 2-1/2-inch outside diameter one-piece free-flowing tube is roto-molded and can be cut to lengths or bends your project requires.

30°, 45°, 60° and 90° tube bends have been accomplished on the polyurethane tube that has a total weight of 5 pounds. You just measure off the size you need and cut off the piece.

AIRAID universal air filter designed to work with the 100-025 UBI air intake tube include the AIRAID 700-540.

The AIRAID 700-540 is a high performance, high airflow tapered conical air filter that is designed to boost horsepower and torque of the engine. Featuring multiple layers of cotton gauze and non-woven synthetic media and AIRAID’s filtration technology, this filter will efficiently block dirt particles in a way that ordinary cotton-gauze filters are unable to do. The flange inside diameter is 2.5-inches (65mm) making it ideal for the 100-025 tube. Its base outside diameter and large end diameter are 5.375-inches (137mm). Moreover, it is washable and reusable. If properly cleansed when necessary, this filter could be the only one you will ever own.

AIRAID offers intake tubes in a variety of sizes including 3-inches 100-300, 3.5-inches 100-350, 4-inches 100-400, 5-inches 100-500, and 6-inches 100-600.

Air intake tube bends available include 60° on a tube with a 3-inch or 6-inch outside diameter or 30° on a tube with 5-inch outside diameter.

There are also three AIRAID custom air intake UBI master kits that include a variety of hardware to make construction of a “you build it” air intake professional in appearance and performance.

The UBI custom air intake master kit I includes air intake tubing, coupler, hump hose, reducer, brackets, hose clamps, and hardware. There are six kits in this group. Two feature a 3-inch diameter tube with a filter flange of 3-inches and a 9-inch or 6-inch long air filter 101-301 or 101-302. Two include a 3-1/2-inch diameter tube and 3-1/2-inch filter flange and a 9-inch or 6-inch long air filter 101-351 or 101-352. One kit consists of a 4-inch diameter tube, 9-inch filter flange and a 9-inch long air filter 101-401. One kit contains a 5-inch diameter tube, 5-inch filter flange and a 9-inch long air filter, 101-501.

The UBI Custom Air Intake Master Kit II includes air intake tube, coupler, hump hose, reducer, brackets, hose clamps, hardware and air filter adapter. Three kits are available in this group. 101-300 has a 3-inch diameter tube, a 6-inch filter flange a 9-inch long air filter. The second, 101-350, consists of a 3-1/2-inch diameter tube, 6-inch filter flange, and a 9-inch long air filter. The third kit, 101-400 contains a 4-inch diameter tube, 6-inch filter flange, and a 9-inch long air filter.

If you do not wish to construct an air intake system, but you believe that you need to replace your car’s factory system to boost the engine’s performance, AIRAID offers a number of air intake systems that are engineered and designed to fit most vehicle applications. To find one that fits your car, visit the AIRAID search by vehicle page.



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