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2016 SEMA Show Day 2: Racing and Performance Hall

1941 Dodge Power Wagon with AIRAID filter at 2016 SEMA show

We were immediately drawn to this gorgeous 1941 Dodge Power Wagon, featuring an AIRAID filter

Day 2 of the 2016 SEMA show is in the books and today gave us another look at some of the best and coolest cars from around the globe. Today we took a trip through the racing and performance hall, including Hot Rod Alley, performance accessories and much more.

This hall is full of companies that will make your vehicle faster, handle better, and stop on a dime. AIRAID's booth is also in the racing and performance hall and we took a look at the result of the partnership between AIRAID and ICON Vehicle Dynamics. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is ready for a day on the trails, a slow ascent up a rocky mountain, or to prerun the Baja 1000 with the best of them.

Take a look at some of the other vehicles we saw today and be sure to check back tomorrow for even more coverage of the 2016 SEMA show.

1968 Chevy Camaro from Super Chevy magazine with AIRAID U-Build-It kit

The editor of Super Chevy magazine used an AIRAID U-Build-It kit on his 1968 Camaro build

1929 Ford Sedan in House of Kolor booth with AIRAID filter at 2016 SEMA show

Dripping with beautiful candy purple paint, this 1929 Ford was in the House of Kolor paint booth

2016 Toyota Tacoma in AIRAID booth at 2016 SEMA show

The AIRAID/ICON "Exporunner" Tacoma looked ready to tackle any terrain

Super Chevy C10 with AIRAID U-Build-It kit at 2016 SEMA show

Super Chevy magazine's "Week to Wicked" C10 breathes through an AIRAID U-Build-It kit

1951 Ford F100 with EcoBoost and AIRAID filter at 2016 SEMA show

A 1951 Ford F100 with an EcoBoost and AIRAID filter? A match made in car-lover heaven!

2015 Chevy Colorado with AIRAID cold air intake

This brand new Chevy Colorado features one of AIRAID's newest intake kits, 201-298

Square body C10 with AIRAID filter at 2016 SEMA show

Plenty of trucks could be found laying frame and tucking wheel, like this square body C10

Super Chevy Week to Wicked Chevelle with AIRAID U-Build-It kit at 2016 SEMA show

The Super Chevy "Week to Wicked" Chevelle also featured an AIRAID U-Build-It kit

Matt Lovell race truck at 2016 SEMA show

AIRAID-sponsored Matt Lovell had his race truck at the 2016 SEMA show for all to check out

Saleen 302 mustang with carbon fiber AIRAID intake at 2016 SEMA show

It isn't every day you see a Saleen 302 mustang with a carbon fiber AIRAID intake on it


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