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AIRAID-Sponsored Jeremy McGrath Captures His Sixth Straight Podium

AIRAID-sponsored Jeremy McGrath jumping through the air in his Pro 2 at Geln Helen

Jeremy McGrath getting some clean air through his AIRAID air filter while flying through the air

Standing on the podium for six straight races is what AIRAID-sponsored driver Jeremy McGrath has accomplished, which has gotten himself that much closer to winning the Pro 2 championship. Heading into Glen Helen, Jeremy has finished with a first and a third each weekend at the last two stops in Wheatland and Reno, giving him four straight podiums as well as leading the points battle ahead of Brian Deegan by a very small margin. He has been able to accomplish this by being prepared for every race. He said, “If my team has the truck ready and prepped early for the race that gives me confidence in my equipment, which gives me confidence in my driving. We do a lot of planning for truck set up, tires, race lines, and overall strategies before we arrive at the track. By the time we get unloaded and set up I'm ready to go racing. The main thing is to be patient on the track and that brings consistency.”

AIRAID-sponsored Jeremy McGrath sliding into the corner in his Pro 2 at Glen Helen

AIRAID-sponsored driver Jeremy McGrath pushing his truck to the limits during practice

With Glen Helen being a home track for most of the drivers in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, it was going to be that much harder to be on the podium with everyone wanting to win in front of friends and family. But Jeremy had the same pressure with it being close to home. He said, “Glen Helen is one of my favorite tracks and its always a lot of fun, but also pressure being a home race. My results have not been that good here in the past, so I focused on racing the track and not worrying too much about who was around me or the points. I knew we needed to come away from this race with podiums in order to make the last race less stressful.”

AIRAID-sponsored Jeremy McGrath driving to his 6th straight podium of the 2017 season

Driving so fast everything else is a blur to Jeremy McGrath

Starting off the weekend, Jeremy would take his Maxxis Tires, AIRAID Filters Pro 2 to his qualifying session for Friday night’s race. Jeremy would make some very fast laps just missing first and finishing in second, and with the inversion, Jeremy would start on the second row. Friday night’s race was in front of full grandstands with Jeremy battling in third place the majority of the race. With a few cautions, it kept the top three very close together, and the front two trucks were battling hard with each other. Jeremy played it smart by staying right on their bumpers but not too close to get into any trouble with the other trucks and wait for a mistake by them to make his move. About three-fourths of the way through the race, his patience paid off with the leader over rotating and second place getting into the side and tangling them two together.

AIRAID-sponsored Jeremy McGrath leading the competition at Glen Helen

Jeremy McGrath staying out front of the competition during the Glen Helen races

With this happening Jeremy was able to make his move for the lead and easily overtake the two trucks. Jeremy would not look behind him and focus only what was ahead of him. He drove clean and fast not giving anyone a chance to catch him all the way to the checkered flag and winning the race. Jeremy said, “It's a good feeling to win races, it’s a great feeling to do it at your home track with a big crowd. What I would really like to see is more races in California. It has such a massive fan base and so many true off-road enthusiasts I hope we have the chance to win more events in So Cal next year.”

AIRAID-sponsored Jeremy McGrath racing his Pro 2 at Glen Helen

Sliding in hot is what AIRAID-sponsored driver Jeremy McGrath did during the races in Glen Helen

Trying to repeat his win from the night prior, Jeremy went out to qualifying trying to be the fastest. But with some cautions during the session he got caught up in some traffic, not allowing him to get a clean lap in and putting him in sixth place. With the race being full of great battles and also several cautions, Jeremy was able to battle his way up to third place and make a strong finish right on the bumper of second place. With this finish, Jeremy has kept his consistency with his first and third, just like the last two weekends, giving him six straight podium finishes.

AIRAID-sponsored Jeremy McGrath out front for one of the race at Glen Helen

Flying through turn one with everyone behind him, while Jeremy McGrath raced all the way for the win

This also helped with the championship points putting Jeremy in the lead with a thirty-seven point difference between himself and Brian Deegan, and getting as close as you possibly can get without clinching the championship before the last round. He said “It feels great to be getting podium results, not only for me but my team and teammate Brock Heger. We all work together to achieve the success we have had this season. We have been lucky to partner with all the right people to give us the best equipment on the market.

AIRAID-sponsored Jeremy McGrath jumping through the air on his way to another win at Glen Helen

Clean air while Jeremy McGrath was out front and flying over the jumps

"The AIRAID team loves off-road just as much as we do, and go to all the events that we compete in. It’s very rewarding when you are on the podium and you look out and see your sponsors in the crowd celebrating the win with me. We look forward to finishing out this season strong with AIRAID and going straight in 2018 with momentum to win races again.” With only one round of racing left, get prepared to start celebrating with a new champion. This will be Jeremy’s first championship won on four wheels, as he has several on two wheels. So watch for him to be upfront but driving smart in Arizona, making sure he finishes the race to win the championship.



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