AIRAID Jr. Kit Air Intake for 2014 Chevy Silverado and 2015 Chevy Tahoe & Suburban 5.3L

Modular Intake Tube  for Chevrolet Trucks

Modular Intake Tube for Chevrolet Trucks

Looking for quick and easy performance modifications for newer Chevy Trucks? AIRAID has released new Airaid Jr. Kits and Modular Intake Tubes for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2015 Tahoe and Suburban equipped with the 5.3L V-8. Both new products target the more restrictive portions of the factory intake systems: the paper filter and the factory intake tube.

AIRAID 200-785 Modular Intake Tubes (MIT) optimize airflow to the engine by replacing the factory intake tube. Factory tubes often have accordion-shaped walls, sound-canceling baffles, and undersized tube diameters, all of which hurt airflow. Constructed of cross-linked high-density polyethylene for strength and resistance to heat transfer, AIRAID MIT kits help straighten and improve airflow to the engine while optimizing the location of the mass air sensor. MIT tubes are direct replacements for factory intake tubes and accommodate all of the factory sensors and fittings that attach to the factory tube. The design provides better throttle response and additional horsepower along with better fuel economy.

Combine the MIT Tube with a quality drop-in replacement filter and you have an AIRAID Jr. System. AIRAID drop-in replacement filters are as easy to install as a replacement stock filter element, but are washable and reusable. Constructed of reinforced polyurethane casings that are guaranteed not to crack or warp while maintaining a positive seal within the factory air box, the filters are available with traditional oiled media or SynthaMax dry media. Both media types filter down to 4 microns without impeding airflow, which allows the engine to breathe easier and run more efficiently.

  • Simple bolt-on performance upgrades
  • Helps straighten and optimize airflow to the engine
  • No Tuning required
  • Made in the USA

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