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AIRAID Specialty LS Swap Air Filters

AIRAID® Specialty LS Swap Air Filters

AIRAID Specialty LS Swap Air Filters

Whether it's an LS1 going in a street rod or an LS7 going in a sand buggy, the GM LS engine family is the powerplant swap of choice among many automotive enthusiasts. AIRAID has released a line of specialty filters that address many of the unique induction needs of an LS swap, making it easier than ever before to make LS engines work in custom applications.

AIRAID's new line of specialty LS filters are designed to clamp right on to the throttle body of the LS engine, which simplifies the induction system and makes for a compact, easy-to-use package. The filters feature an extra-thick flange to better withstand heavy vibrations and a built-in velocity stack to increase airflow. There are even built-in provisions to mount an IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor on the filter assembly, which is commonly needed on LS applications.

The filters are sized to provide excellent air flow to the engine while maintaining a compact footprint to work with tight engine compartment applications where space is at a premium. Due to the location of the filter on the front of the engine, AIRAID also offers an optional shield to help protect the filter from dirt and debris while further reinforcing the filter mount. Like AIRAID's universal filters, the new LS specialty filters are available with traditional oiled filter media in red or SYNTHAMAX® dry media in red, blue, or black.

Specialty LS Air Filters

Flange Base/Top Length Description LS Air Filter
3.875" 7" x 5" 6" Cone Air Filter; Oiled Red; GM Throttle Body w/o heat shield; 700-581