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Video - A dually pickup on a mission


This 1967 GMC C30 built by Lyon McClenahan was built for a cause. After friends and family were diagnosed or passed away from cancer, Lyon aspired to raise funds and spread awareness for cancer research. Well executed design motifs can be seen throughout the vehicle, and the builders passion can be seen in the finish quality.

I’m Lyon McClenahan from Finish Line Speed Shop. We’ve got a 1967 GMC C30 dually that we built. It’s the third build we’ve done at SEMA and we wanted to do one that had a cause to it. We’ve named this the BC30 for “burn out cancer.” My father passed away from cancer when I was about 7 years old. My best friend’s been fighting cancer for 2 years now. And we’ve got a couple of close people to us that have been fighting it. To do a vehicle that has a cause behind it kind of changed the whole perspective of everything. It brings a lot of people together; it’s restored the faith in humanity. We’ve got companies that got involved that don’t look for anything out of it except for just to be a help in it. And it’s a totally different deal when you’ve got people where there’s a passion behind it. We’ve started using Afraid filters since 2003 on one of our first SEMA builds then and we’ve used Airaid and Poweraid products since then. We’ve got an Airaid filter system on it with a poweraid spacer plate on this build. We’ve got airaid products on everything from our personal daily drivers (on our SUVs) to our personal hot rods and everything that rolls out of our shop

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