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Video - Every year at Optima's Ultimate Street Car Invitational, competitors show up with Airaid installed


When you're pushing out 500-1,000+ horsepower, every compontent can give you an edge. Jim McIlvaine tells us some of the grueling challenges that competitors face at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, and how Airaid products give competitors an edge.

My name is Jim McIlvaine, I’m the eCare manager for Optima Batteries. Optima is Running their 10th annual Ultimate Street Car Invitational. These cars compete in 6 different classes including an electric car class. They compete all season long and they can earn their invitation at the qualifying event or based on their season long point total. Then we come to Las Vegas, we scour the show again, and literally ask hundreds of car owners “Is your car done, is it built?” And they say “Oh yea, its built too be driven and you can take it anywhere.” And then we offer to take them out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and beat the car up really, really good for 2 days. And then you find out the true story bout how the car is really not ready. It’s not tuned, there’s no interior in the car. Nothing works on it. They pushed it into the show. But we did manage to find 10 cars that were willing to step up and take the challenge. And it really is a challenge. You look at the examples of these cars: the Corvettes, the Camaros, the Mustangs. It’s hard to find any other Camaros, Corvettes, or Mustangs…or any other kind of car that we have in the alley at this show that is more prepared and more built to go out and drive 2,000 miles across the country. Go to a. Racetrack, run all day long at a racetrack. Take your kids to school in the morning, and show up at the SEMA show and have people around it all day long snapping pictures and asking questions. So that’s really the essence of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, what we’re looking for. You see all these cars lined up in the alley and you see so many of them with Air aid stickers on them. It’s not just because Airaid supports the series, it’s because the products are in the cars. And these cars are not a typical street car. I would say if you have 500 horsepower in one of these cars, you’re probably on the low end of the competition. And there’s cars that will be at 1,000 or more. So when you’re talking about performance of that magnitude, you want to have the very best products out there and you don’t want to make compromises. And that’s why so many of these competitors run Airaid products because it really maximizes the potential of their engines. And allows them to perform at their very best and in some of the toughest competition in the country.

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