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Video - AIRAID Intake Installation for the 2007-17 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia 5.7L V8, 510-340 and 511-340


Check out how easy it is to add great looks, sound, and performance to your 2007-17 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia 5.7L V8. Add an estimated 9 HP @ 4650 RPM to your 2007-17 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia 5.7L V8 engine with the AIRAID 510-340 MXP Air Intake System with a red oiled premium air filter or the 511-340 MXP Air Intake System with a red dry synthetic premium air filter. AIRAID intakes are proudly made in the USA, and feature a custom rotomolded intake tube and a reusable high flow performance air filter in an enclosed air box. Just bolt it on and go!
The Airaid 510-340 and 511-340 air intake systems are designed to add horsepower and torque on the 2007 to 2017 Toyota Tundra and Sequoia with the 5.7 liter V8 engine.

They feature a custom roto-molded intake tube and a reusable high flow performance air filter protected by an enclosed air box that helps to provide a steady supply of cooler outside air into your engine. Visit for a complete list of models these air intakes fit. This intake is available with a Synthaflow oiled cotton and synthetic blend air filter (510-340) or with a Synthamax air filter that utilizes oil-free synthetic media (511-340).

This Airaid air intake system adds great looks, sound and performance to your Toyota. This intake comes with all components needed for an easy installation, along with detailed installation instructions.
  1. Start by turning off the ignition and disconnecting the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the engine cover and set it aside.
  3. Disconnect the PCV and fuel pressure regulator lines from the resonator chamber on the factory intake tube.
  4. Loosen the clamps on the intake tube and remove it from the vehicle.
  5. Gently separate the wire harness anchor from the airbox and disconnect the Mass Air Flow meter.
  6. Loosen the front and rear captive bolts in the airbox base and remove the entire air box assembly.
  7. Install the filter adapter onto the airbox using the provided hardware.
  8. Transfer the OEM air box grommet onto the Airaid air box.
  9. Install the edge trim onto the Airaid airbox inlet, and trim the excess if necessary.
  10. Install the airbox mount onto either side of the bracket.
  11. Loosely install the bracket and mount assembly to the front airbox bolt hole using the provided hardware.
  12. Install the second air box mount, hand tight, into the center threaded bolt hole in the inner fender.
  13. Lower the Airaid air box into the engine compartment and gently insert the air box grommet into the fender hole.
  14. Carefully align the holes in the airbox floor with the posts of the mounts and secure it with the provided hardware. Tighten the bracket bolt from the previous step completely now.
  15. Insert the NPT barbed fitting into the Airaid intake tube.
  16. Transfer the Mass Air Flow sensor into the Airaid intake tube and secure it using the supplied hardware.
  17. Slide the supplied breather hose onto the intake and the 1/2” barbed fitting into the opposite end. Secure it using the provided speed clamps.
  18. Slide the hump hose with the two 68 clamps all the way onto the intake tube
  19. Slide the reducer with the 52 and 56 clamps onto the throttle body.
  20. Insert the intake tube into the reducer coupler and align the hump hose with the filter adapter in the air box.
  21. Slide the hump hose and clamps onto the filter adapter and tighten all four intake clamps.
  22. Reconnect the MAF sensor and connect the PCV and fuel pressure regulator lines onto the intake tube.
  23. Use the provided cable tie to secure the MAF harness to the PCV line and Trim the excess.
  24. Install the Airaid air filter onto the filter adapter inside the airbox.
  25. Remove the adhesive backing from the gasket and carefully apply it to the air box with the screw holes aligned.
  26. Remove the protective film from the other side of the lid and mount it to the air box using the provided hardware
  27. Replace the factory engine cover
  28. Lastly, reconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable. Double check to make sure everything is tight and properly positioned before starting the vehicle and check periodically for realignment, clearance, and tightening of all connections. Failure to follow the installation instructions or proper maintenance may void your warranty.
Since 1997, Airaid has been designing and manufacturing intake systems and other performance parts to help increase performance on your car or truck. Visit to learn more or to search for products by vehicle, dimension, cross reference, or even vehicle identification number.

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