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Tim Weber

Tim Weber

Tim Weber discovered aviation at the age of 13. Having moved within bicycling distance of Turf Soaring School in Phoenix, Arizona, it wasn't long before Tim was a regular visitor to the airport. By the time Tim was 14 years old he had gone from being a kid looking through the fence, to soloing both the Schweitzer 2-33 and 1-26 Gliders. Tim paid for his flying lessons by becoming a part-time line-boy, working after school, weekends, and summers, trading work for flying lessons.

Tim's aptitude for flying was evident early on, and within a short time he began exploring aerobatics. Since that time, Tim has flown a variety of aircraft including: Ultralights; WWII Biplanes; the legendary Pitts Special, the Russian YAK 55M, Extra 300's (one of Tim's favorite aerobatic planes) and several types of jets including the F-16. Tim's aggressive flying and natural ability have enabled him to become one of the top airshow performers in the United States today.

In addition to flying, Tim developed a passion for music that has grown through the years. A self-taught musician, by the age of 17 Tim was playing lead guitar in Phoenix night clubs. Since that time, Tim has incorporated his love of music into his airshow routines by writing and performing original music which is played during his Airshow performances. Tim's latest CD "How Many Ways" can be found on Itunes and CD Baby.

Tim is a popular guest on television, and radio talk shows and is an accomplished public speaker. He is an ICAS ACE ( aerobatic competency evaluator) and enjoys giving aerobatic rides and lessons in both gliders and powered aircraft. As a certified aircraft mechanic with an A&P/I.A. rating , Tim is able to maintain his own aircraft to the high level of standards that he feels is necessary for aerobatic flight.