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Great Product! I wanted to drop you a line and tell that your NEW product for the 2.5L 4 cyl. engine ROCKS! I just installed it Saturday on my 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ and it really makes a world of difference. I have been looking for an intake system for my vehicle application and did some research on many brands and felt very confident in Airaid and I am sure glad I chose your product...Many thanks.
M. Pringle - Pennsylvania

I own a 2002 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L and just recently installed Airaid Intake System and PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer. I am a regional sales person that drives approx. 80 to 100 miles per day in my jeep that averaged approx. 17 miles per gallon before installing the new Airaid system. My first, second, third and fourth tank of gas with the new Airaid system-----18.85--18.74--19.60--and 17.60 MPG. Great system!!! More power, sounds great and improved mileage. Return on my investment in less than 9 months. Thank you J.P.

------------------This product worked great on my 2009 Honda Ridgeline------------------ About 5 years ago I bought a PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer and an AIRAID cold air intake for my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L hemi. It was fantastic, not only did it improve my power but my fuel mileage went up by 2&1/2 to 3 mpg. When I sold that truck I bought a 2009 Honda Ridgeline and I ordered a PowerAid throttle body spacer for it. [It was the only thing available for my truck] bolted it on a week ago and was surprised on how much torque it gave the truck. You punch it and it flies but what really surprised me is the part throttle response was way more than I ever expected for a V6. It feels like a small turbo boost when I go to pass another car on the road! I have been around performance products all my life and I have drag raced for over 20 years. I can honestly say I have never put a single item on a vehicle that made this much difference. I work for a honda dealer and I will recommend this product to my customers. Thank you for your time.
M. Fields

"The airaid spacer seem to definitely make a difference in throttle response and low end torque. I did do an actual odometer check on mileage and it seemed to be higher then previous checks. I really like the whistles it wasn't as loud as I planned. My family owns a local mechanic shop and I have recommended to many customers. I think it also helps fuel combustion. I hope that I can get some customers to order one and see what they think." - From Buscher who drives a GMC C/K Pickup.-Reviews provided by a AIRAID Authorized Dealer

"Well constructed. Perfect fit. Easly installation. Excellent product with nice performance gain." - From APG who drives a GMC Sierra Pickup Reviews provided by a AIRAID Authorized Dealer

Awesome Product

'09 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. Easy install, great fit, great look, awesome product, fair price and fast shipping. What more can ya ask for?
B. Hatt - Canada

Got my Airaid CAI for my 2007 Jeep Commander and all I can say is WOW, I love it and I can't stop flooring it because I just love hearing the noise come from my engine!! The installation was very easy and just wanted to say thanks!!
Jake - Georgia

GREAT PRODUCT!!! I ordered your air intake system yesterday and got it today. Installed it in about 30 minutes. Took it out on the highway to check the mileage. As advertised, I'm getting at least 2 miles per gallon better. Drove around town for a while and checked it again still 2 better. Sounds awesome feels strong. Thanks... 2010 F150 4.6 3v
Shawn - Boise ID

Airaid intake on my corvette! - I purchased an intake system #250-218 for my 05 corvette, I have gained 2 mpg and the performance is BETTER then I wished it would be. And it looks good under the hood. GREAT products, keep up the good work. Thanks, J.K.

"I have 48 Chevy pickup, not alot of room under the hood. we have a Chevy 5.3 vortex motor that we installed with a lot of modifications so we needed an air intake system that we had to build. This set up was the real ticket for what we needed, it really worked out great thanks!" - From Duane O.-Reviews provided by a AIRAID Authorized Dealer

Airaid Cold air intake 1-10-11 I just wanted to contact you guys and say "Thank you"! I installed my Airaid last Saturday and could not believe how easy it was to install! The directions were simple and flawless! I can notice a little more pep now too! Thanks so much for your great product! Take care.
J. Martin

I installed this kit on my 2011 Dodge Charger (3.6L) and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this product. The kit could hardly have been easier to install and I appreciated how the smaller components (bolts, washers,etc) were separated in their own compartments so I didn't have to sift through bits while I went step by step. Everything installed perfectly. The throttle response is literally night and day. All the slight lagging I used to have in take offs has vanished. The added sound note is also wonderful. Sounds like a V8, but better MPG's! It's nice to know there are still people who take pride in making a quality product. Thank you, Tampa Bay, FL
Peter W.

2013 Raptor CAI!!! Just wanted to comment on your system for the 6.2 Raptor. UNREAL!! My wife took my truck couple days after I installed the system. She didn't know anything about it and wouldn't have cared really anyway. The first thing she said when she got home that night was something is different about your truck, it seems quicker and sounds different, sounds better than last time. Thought these things were just another gimmick, no way, would highly recommend.

One word about your product, Great !! High quality , awesome sound and the throttle response and torque is noticeably improved. You can count on me to highly recommend this product to other Mustang owners thinking of upgrading to a CAI. Thanks for your follow-up and thanks for a great product.

I just purchased the Airaid cold air kit for my 2011 Ford Expedition. The kit was well designed and the quality of the components made installation easy. I am already experiencing an increase in performance from the factory system. I would recommend your product to anyone interested in a quality, well designed product. Keep up the good work.

AirAid Cold Air Intake

My 2007 Chevrolet HHR is getting up to 30 mpg in town, and 34 on highway if you drive right. The advertised fuel economy is 23 mpg in town and 30 mpg on the highway.It also has alot more power if needed. I purchased it for better fuel economy wihch it surley gives. Also the filter and pre filter are so easy to take off and clean.

B. Mark - Texas

I bought my 2009 Dodge RAM 1500 SLT Crew Cab 5.7L HEMI only 4 weeks ago. Yesterday I decided to buy your intake system (300-237) and throttle body spacer (300-631) for my truck. I had lot's of power before, but now, it's like someone upgraded me to a 6.7L! Oh yeah, did I mention it sounds AMAZING! Thanks again AirAid!!!!!

R. S. Harrop

Challenger Upgrade

Just wanted to say I am very happy with my Airaid intake for my 2009 Challenger. Fastlane in Houston Texas, did the install. Nick and Anthony at Fastlane do a wonderful job representing your product and are very knowledgable.

Regards, MB
M. Blanchard - Texas

I have a 05' chevy silverado with the 5.3 H.O. engine. I installed a T.B.S. and an Air intake system and all i can say is WOW! MPG went from 14.5 in the city to 18.5-19 and on the highway from 17.5 to almost 25MPG!!!!! and the power... WOW. I knew my truck was powerful or so i thought. I have and will continue to recommend Airaid to every person i know who wants Pure Performance!!! my next project is my wifes Trailblazer, can't wait to see what happens there!!!! Thanks so much Dustin Michigan 05' Silverado.
D. Howard - Michigan

The "POWERAID SPACER" throttle body spacer gives an improvement in both power and economy. The kit supplied comes with the throttle spacer, spacers to lift the cable linkage bracket, gaskets and all required bolts and washers. In my install I also added washers to the bolts that are used in the linkage spacers.Tests on fuel economy have given an increase of 2-4 mpg but may differ depending on tyre size etc. Mid range power is increased on uphill climbs.
Jimmy B

I got 2-4 mpg (depending on my lead foot) with the Powerade spacer. People are going to tell you for the most part that it doesn't work but I kept a detailed mpg log on my '01 auto PT from the time it was new, before and after the spacer. I did not get any extra HP, but the mpg went up. The engine was already broke in at 28,880 miles and tops for mpg in combo city, country highways and freeways was 20 mpg before the spacer. After the spacer I got 22-24 mpg. The '01 is now my wife's and without a chronic lead foot like I have she gets 24 mpg. If I hadn't kept a detailed mpg log I probably wouldn't have believed it either.....Don't get the Airmax intake. It's overpriced and the swirling air thing is BS. If you want a nice intake that keeps out the hot engine air then get an Airaid intake. It's not spendy and does the job. It uses the bottom of your airbox and keeps out the hot air. I put one on the '01 when it was mine. It sounds and works great. My wife likes it too and told me when I got my GT I couldn't have it.
Mean Green - Oregon

"To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to commend your company on your excellent customer service. When it arrived, the kit was complete with great instructions and large pictures on how to install it. I also cam with a parts list signed by the packager. During the installation, I accidentally ripped the top gasket. When I called your customer service line, I was treated very politely and received a new one practically overnight. From my experiences, there are very few companies that still deliver good customer service. I will say your company is one of them. "

A satisfied customer,
P. Unger

After going through my second tank of gas since I installed the Airaid system, I picked up two (2) miles to the gallon on my Jeep! I’ve never gotten over 14.3 MPG since I’ve owned it, today after fill-up, it came out to 16.1. Just thought you’d like to know. Thanks AIRAID,

Rick R

"Just installed the full Airaid kit on my 2006... Just installed the full Airaid kit on my 2006... Just installed the full Airaid kit on my 2006... Just installed the full Airaid kit on my 2006... Just installed the full Airaid kit on my 2006... Just installed the full Airaid kit on my 2006... "

Keep up the good work,
D. Bick - Satisfield Customer

"I just put your air intake system on my SRT 8 Grand Cherokee with the 6.1 hemi. I took it out to try and was really impressed with the quicker throttle response and increased power. I also noticed the nice low rumble that it added to already low growl of the SRT 8. I will test the fuel mileage tomorrow on the way to Phoenix from Sedona. Thanks for a good product.

B. Young - Arizona

Air Intake Kit - 2009 Avalanche

Just wanted to let you know I installed your kit and was very impressed with the ease of installation and how well engineered the intake is.

S. Munger - USA

"Hello, I just installed the 310-510 on my 99 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L. I had lifted the vehicle 2 inches and it seemed like after I did that the fuel mileagd dropped. With the gas prices the way they were I was looking for a new way to save money. I was told that these throttle body spacers worked well for the Jeeps. I didn't believe a little spacer plate would make much difference. After installing it I noticed that it didn't take as much throttle to take off from a stop or pass a vehicle. Then I filled up my tank and reset the trip. As of now I am at half tank and I have 201 miles on the trip. I normally only get about 150 miles at a half tank. I usually average about 300 for a tank. So if I double the 201 I will have a little over 400 miles on a tank and that is unbelievable. Thanks for making such an awesome product. I am now telling everyone I know about your product."

One very happy customer,

R. Miracle

2010 Mustang Project

I did purchase your product #450-238 and installed it last weekend. I just would like to say, that I have purchased a lot of aftermarket products throughout my life, and never have I came across better quality, fitment and appearance that this kit. I am absolutely ecstatic with the product, and what it did to help to achieve the overall vision I have for my project. The car is under a blanket in my garage because of winter but I am looking forward to those extra 15hp that you advertise.

Thank you,
Stacy N. - Canada

"This is to let you know that I did get the PowerAid spacer #100-701 and we finally got a chance to use it this past weekend. Please feel free to use this testimony for your products because, THEY WORK!!!! Our engine is a 377 C.I. 9.5:1 compression Chevrolet in a short track Late Model stock car class. We are mandated to use a Holley "390" NASCAR carburetor to help hold speeds down much like a restrictor plate. The engine produces 540 horsepower but the compression ratio puts us at a disadvantage on the low end or coming off the turns where we really need the torque. We ran the car on a one third mile medium banked track with the ambient temps about 60 degrees. The carburetor was jetted "fat" in the beginning so we wouldn't lean out the engine and cause those nasty holes in pistons. We ran 3 tests without the spacer to dial in the handling and to tune up the driver. On the 4th test, we installed the PowerAid spacer with some reservations. I was very skeptical that the thing would work at all because the spacer is about 3/16" larger in internal diameter than our carb bore. As the car entered the track and headed down the straight away the entire crew noticed that the "pitch" of the engine changed and sounded rather "tinny" for lack of a better word. Typically the 9.5 engines do sound different than "compression' engines but this was rather strange. The driver then got on the throttle and knocked out about twelve full power laps. I might add that a fellow competitor elected to join us and he was running a 13:1 "compression engine. We stayed behind him for safety sake and to allow us to run without obstructions. About 3 laps into the session, our driver elected to attempt to catch him - ya, right! Well 6 or 8 laps later, he did just that!!! We pulled off the track and got together for a critique and review. Our driver was all smiles at this point because we ran very consistent 14.3 second laps which was three quarters of a second faster than we have ever run this track and only four hundredths of a second off the track record. Here is what we found after using the PowerAid spacer: Our engine "leaned" out about the equivalent of one jet which showed us that the fuel was being burned more efficiently. The low end torque picked up so much that the driver even noticed that he was coming off the corners harder. We were running about 7700-7800 RPM all day long before adding the spacer. The tell-tale tachometer showed us that now - we had gained 150 more RPM from the spacer!!!! Our lap times were now exceedingly consistent based on previous tests before using the PowerAid. You can tell any potential customer that PowerAid does work and will work well beyond any expectations and is a great bargain. We will continue evaluating the spacer in actual competition and let you know how things work out."

Keep up the good work,
G. Meng, Crew Chief

"I recently installed your air system and throttle spacer on my 1999 Chevy Silverado and left on a trip to AZ from my home in MN. All together we traveled over 4000 miles. Most of the travel was on freeway at freeway speeds. Even at those speed I got 16 to 17 mpg. We did have about 400 miles of two lane road and our travel speed was less than 65 mph. On this part of the trip we got 22 mpg. This is an improvement of at least 5 to 6 mpg better than I have ever experienced before. And the performance was outstanding. I could take 6 to 7 % grades without the truck shifting out of overdrive. I was not sure of my purchase before that trip but now I'm sold on your product and couldn't be happier!"

G. Struxness

"Hey guys, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a great product you are making. I ordered your AirAid intake system for my 97 F-150 and was expecting a giant headache when it arrived, and within 20 minutes it was on my truck and my ford was ready to go. I have ordered a lot of aftermarket products from a lot of different companies and for one of the first times in my life I actually got what I paid for."

Thank you,
M. Humfleet