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A Weekend Filled with Excitement for AIRAID-Sponsored Jeremy McGrath Motorsports Team

Brock Heger in the air in Reno, Nevada

Brock Heger flying through the air in Reno

The Lucas Oil Off Road Silver State Showdown was a weekend filled with excitement for Jeremy McGrath Motorsports, and it was the kind of excitement that wasn’t what they were thinking of when going into the weekend. Between Jeremy McGrath in the Pro 2 and Brock Heger in the Pro Lite, they can say they did almost everything possible at an off road race in just one weekend.

In the ICON Vehicle Dynamics Pro Lite, Brock Heger had a great weekend of racing. Brock started out the weekend with a race many fans and himself won’t forget anytime soon. Starting a few rows from the front, Brock was able to battle his way to the front while keeping the rest of the trucks behind him. About half way through the race he made it to second place and battled for the lead. With four laps remaining in the race he made his move and took over first place, but he also got a flat front tire in the process. Luckily a caution also came out, but he had to go and change the tire.

Jeremy McGrath out front in Reno, Nevada

Jeremy battling to stay in front of all the trucks trying to get by

Staying on the lead lap he now started in 16th position with three laps to go. With a very fast truck Brock charged hard towards the front where he was able to pass seven trucks on the first lap. Brock didn’t just stop there, he fought his way all the way back to the leaders and was able to take over the second spot by the end of the race. If he only had a few more laps who knows what he could have done. Brock said, “That was so much fun! I was laughing and smiling all the way around the track. I was really comfortable in my truck and Jeremy was on the radio giving me great advice on where to go. There is no better feeling than passing the competition! I can’t wait for tomorrow.” On Sunday Brock was extremely fast and had the lead over three fourths of the race battling for a top position. There were so many cautions throughout the race, and Brock had all the trucks charging at him going into turn one over a half dozen times, with one of them having him pushed out of his line causing him to lose tons of speed and allow several trucks to pass. He had a great performance over the weekend with his second place finish and also Fast Lap Award for both races.

Jeremy McGrath at Silver State Showdown

Jeremy showing the crowd and other drivers just how fast he really is

Jeremy McGrath had some bad luck and good luck as well. The weekend started out with a motor change after Friday’s practice. Then in qualifying on Saturday he lost the steering and caught a rut causing him to go up on two wheels and hit the barrier. With all his speed heading towards the barrier, it sent him up and over the barrier going through the track banner, and finally flipping him over and landing on the front corner damaging everything. The team had to rebuild the entire front suspension and surrounding areas, and they got everything put back together and the body mounted with only minutes to spare. Jeremy had a strong race even with a wounded truck to finish in fifth. Jeremy said “I was really surprised to even make the feature today after that crash. The truck was struggling with a few issues in the race, but overall I’m happy with a fifth place finish today. I gotta give it up for my crew and the ICON Vehicle Dynamics guys. They worked really hard and were very efficient to get me back on the track today.” After the race the team was able to go through the entire truck and find all the little things that got missed and fix all the bugs that were caused by the wreck. He came back for Sunday’s race and showed everyone how fast his truck was. Jeremy had a great battle with RJ Anderson and Rob McCachran for the entire race for the lead. Jeremy and RJ fell back just enough that they battled for second for most of the race, putting on a great show for the fans. Then Jeremy was able to separate himself from RJ to chase down Rob. Every lap he was able to cut his lead down, making it almost zero at the end of the race. Jeremy finished the crazy weekend with a second place finish and a Fast Lap Award.

The weekend in Reno had everything for the JM2 Team, and the only thing they didn’t have to worry about was making sure their motors stayed clean. Knowing they had their AIRAID filters on with the protectant foam, it was one stress they left in the pits. Check out Jeremy McGrath and Brock Heger in Lake Elsinore, California, in September to make a strong appearance and strive for that first place finish.


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