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2003-2009 Hummer H2 AIRAID Air Intake Kit Offers Cooler Air for More Horsepower

AIRAID air intake for the Hummer H2

The AIRAID 202-183 air intake kit fits in the factory air box, incorporates the factory cold air inlet ducts if present, and adds more cold air passages to the filter.

First introduced in 1992 by AM General, the Hummer was a truck and SUV version of the M998 HMMWV, or Humvee, military vehicle that was released into the civilian market.

In December 1999, General Motors purchased the brand name and then marketed three versions –- the Hummer H1, which was based on the military Humvee, the H2 and H3. The H2 and H3 were based on smaller, civilian-market General Motors platforms.

AM General had planned to sell a civilian version of the Humvee as early as the late-1980s. It assumed that the vehicle would have the same construction and many of the same mechanical parts. When manufactured, the civilian Hummers were finished in gloss paint and included some passenger car enhancements including air conditioning, sound insulation, better upholstery, a stereo system, wood trim, and convenience packages.

AM General sold the name to General Motors, but continued to make the vehicle. General Motors handled its marketing and distribution. Soon after, General Motors introduced two models of its own, the H2 and H3.

By 2006, General Motors was exporting the Hummer through importers and distributors in 33 countries.

Due to the rapid rise in the cost of gasoline, causing a major dip in sales of the vehicle, on June 3, 2008, one day before General Motors' annual shareholder meeting, then CEO Rick Wagoner said that the brand was being reviewed and could possibly be discontinued, sold, or redesigned. Soon after that announcement two Indian automakers including Mahindra & Mahindra said they were interested in acquiring all or part of Hummer.

AIRAID air intake installed in a Hummer H2

Once installed in your Hummer, the AIRAID kit looks great and performs better than the stock intake system.

As a result of the recession, General Motors filed for bankruptcy and announced that Hummer would be discontinued. However, the next day GM revealed that it was selling the brand to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company, a Chinese automaker. On January 6, 2010, General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre said that he hoped that the acquisition would be complete by the end of February.

The deal could not be closed in time, so the deadline was extended to give Tengzhong time to get approval of the $150 million purchase from the Chinese government.

On February 24, 2010 General Motors announced that the deal with Tengzhong had collapsed and the Hummer brand would be discontinued.

The AIRAID 202-183 air intake kit has been specifically designed for use on Hummer vehicles. It has been engineered and constructed to provide cooler air to the engine and thus increase horsepower and torque. Supplying cooler air to the engine is possible due to the cold air dam panels of the intake that provide a steady, free-flow of cooler outside air into the engine. The panels mount in the factory air box location and incorporate the factory cold air inlet ducts if present. Moreover, it provides more cold air passages to the filter. The panels also isolate the air filter from the heat of the engine compartment because it seals to the underside of the hood using blade-style weather stripping.

AIRAID filter wrap for AIRAID intake filter 202-183

If you need extra protection, AIRAID offers the 799-469 filter wrap. This will help provide a bit more air filter protection for those extreme environments.

The air intake system features a 360° conical AIRAID air filter that is washable and reusable. The company also offers the AIRAID 790-558 air filter cleaning kit that is specially formulated to clean the dry air filter every 30,000 to 50,000 miles of normal driving. If used in off-road and heavy dust conditions, the filter must be cleaned more often. Proper cleaning at the appropriate time will assure that the filter can be reused over and over again.

The intake can be installed using common hand tools and is backed by an AIRAID exclusive No Hassle Lifetime Warranty.

The AIRAID 202-183 air intake kit fits the following vehicle applications.

2009 Hummer H2 6.2L V8
2008 Hummer H2 6.2L V8
2007 Hummer H2 6.0L V8
2006 Hummer H2 6.0L V8
2005 Hummer H2 6.0L V8
2004 Hummer H2 6.0L V8
2003 Hummer H2 6.0L V8

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