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AIRAID Universal Performance Air Filter with Mounting Bracket is Literally Bolt-On Power

AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter with mounting bracket

The AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter can turn up the performance on a custom build.

Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, automobiles, airplanes, and airships (giant blimps) were turning the world on its preverbal ear. Gasoline engines were "powering the future", but the technology was truly in its infancy. To make lots of horsepower, you had to burn lots of gas. Most airplane and airship engines of the period were massive things, with 4-6 cylinders that displaced 20-40 liters. Output was only around 200-300-hp, but the torque was mind-warping. By contrast, most car engines at the time only made 20-50-hp, and terminal velocity was around 45-50 mph. To make faster cars, daredevils would shoehorn an aero engine into a lightweight road car chassis, complete with chain drive, and brakes that only "suggested" a change in pace. Many of these fire breathing 'aero cars' managed to set crazy land speed records. Like the 21.5L (1,312ci) 200-hp Blitzen Benz, which roared up to 142 mph---in 1911. A hundred-plus years later, getting more horsepower only requires an AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter. The goggles, scarf, and leather helmet are completely optional.

AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter with mounting bracket

The sturdy mounting bracket included with the 100-211 kit provides flexibility and secure placement.

The AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter comes with a powdercoated mounting bracket, which allows you to place the filter exactly where you want it. It can be connected to an existing cold air intake system or, you can use the AIRAID custom intake master kit, part of AIRAID's U-Build-It line of products, to create a truly custom intake system. This kit comes with everything from mounting hardware and brackets, to a super long roto-molded AIRAID intake tube that has different bends and angles molded right in. Each car build is different, and the AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter is designed to give you the performance that you're looking for, even if you can't find a stock system to fit.

Filter wrap for AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter

If you are using the 100-211 filter in dusty environments or would like the knowledge of having extra protection, the 799-450 filter wrap is available.

Thanks to the dual-layer SynthaFlow filter media, the AIRAID 100-211 filter can provide a high volume of clean air. Multiple layers of oiled cotton gauze create the outer barrier, which traps dirt particles. Any smaller contaminants that make it through the cotton layers, will get stopped by a second layer that's made from a proprietary unwoven synthetic material. This dual-layer design can keep dirt trapped until cleaning is needed. AIRAID recommends cleaning your filter between 30,000-50,000 miles (depending on road conditions). At which point you can simply un-clamp the filter, and clean it using the AIRAID filter tune-up kit.

The sturdy construction and proven performance of the AIRAID 100-211 universal performance air filter, allow it to be backed by the AIRAID No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty. If a defect ever causes it to fail, AIRAID will replace it free of charge. Add to that the nearly infinite reusability and this may well be the last air filter that you have to buy for this vehicle. If you would like to learn more about AIRAID custom intake components, visit the U-Build-It page, or you can use the AIRAID dealer locator tool to locate an AIRAID dealer near you.

Benefits of the AIRAID 100-211 Universal Air Filter:

  • Perfect upgrade for an existing intake system
  • Ideal for creating a custom intake system
  • Additional airflow provides faster throttle response
  • Improves engine sound
  • Reusable AIRAID SynthaFlow air filter won't need to be cleaned for 30,000-50,000 miles (depending on driving conditions)
  • Simple to install
  • Backed by the AIRAID No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty


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