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AIRAID Universal Air Filters Offer a Custom Performance Boost

AIRAID 100-203 universal air filter

The AIRAID 100-203 universal air filter will improve performance and protect your engine

Most of the time, improving your car's performance is as simple as installing a cold air intake system. But if you're building something unique, finding an intake that fits might not be that easy. There's different clearance issues, performance requirements, and most importantly, filtration. Having a custom intake system made for your car can be expensive. Fortunately, the AIRAID 100-203 universal air filter is designed to work with a number of applications, making it one of the most versatile performance air filters on the market today.

AIRAID filter cleaning kit

The AIRAID filter cleaning kit will keep your filter performing for many years

AIRAID performance air filters are designed to work with either an existing intake system, or one of the AIRAID intake tubes. Simply attach it using the supplied worm gear clamp, and it will provide your engine with a steady supply of clean, oxygen-rich air. The black trim and red filter media will look great under any hood. The AIRAID 100-203 filter also comes with a mounting bracket to help securely affix the filter under the hood. Plus, creating a custom air intake system is easy-as-pie thanks to the AIRAID custom intake master kits. They come with everything you'll need, including a roto-molded AIRAID intake tube, complete with a selection of the bends and angles that you might need, molded right in.

AIRAID’s exclusive Synthaflow filter media prevents contaminants from reaching the engine by using dual-layer technology. Below the outer wire mesh is multiple layers of cotton gauze, which is treated with a special oil blend (that's where the signature red color comes from). When dirt particles hit this material, they become ensnared inside the tacky filter media. That oil then seeps into the dirt, locking it in place, and turning it into a sticky filter element that can actually attract and hold other dirt. Contaminants that make it past the layers of cotton, will be stopped by a synthetic layer. Put these two layers together and the AIRAID 100-203 universal air filter provides unrestricted airflow that's cleaner than more expensive cotton or synthetic filters.

AIRAID UBI master kits

AIRAID UBI master kits will allow you to create the perfect intake system for your vehicle

Besides delivering a high volume of clean air, the AIRAID 100-203 universal air filter can be washed and reused over and over again. Simply unclamp it from the intake tube and clean it with the AIRAID 790-550 filter cleaning kit. This high performance air filter is also backed by AIRAID’s “No Hassle” Lifetime Warranty, so it's literally guaranteed to perform.

If you'd like to find out more about other AIRAID custom intake components, visit, or to locate an AIRAID dealer near you, use the dealer locator tool.

Benefits of the AIRAID 100-203 universal air filter

  • Can be used to upgrade an existing intake system
  • Ideal for creating a custom intake system
  • Reduces airflow restrictions
  • Reusable AIRAID performance air filter can be cleaned and reused
  • Easy to install
  • Backed by the AIRAID “No Hassle” Lifetime Warranty


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