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Rightline Gear Builds a Unique Jeep Wrangler JK for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas

AIRAID Jeep Air Intake 311-132 Installed

Rightline knew that their Jeep would spend a lot of time on and off the road, so they carefully selected upgrades known for their benefits, durability, and reliability. They added AIRAID cold air intake 311-132 to their build because, frankly, Jeeps need all the help they can get when it comes to performance. They installed the intake right in the company parking lot in under an hour.

AIRAID Jeep Wrangler JK Air Intake 311-132 Installed

The AIRAID MXP system for the late-model Wrangler JK features a sealed box design. Knowing that Jeep owners would most likely use their vehicles extensively off-road, AIRAID chose to protect the filter in a closed box with an aluminum lid. The box makes use of the factory cold air inlet duct, which is capable of flowing plenty of air to the filter inside the box.

Every automotive enthusiast knows about the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association's annual trade show, and most of them anticipate seeing the coverage of drool-worthy products and over-the-top vehicles that companies and customizers alike build to showcase new products. Most of these vehicles are trailer queens; immaculately detailed and dressed up with all of the latest accessories and modifications, very few of them will ever see street use. In fact, nearly all of them arrive on trailers, most of which are enclosed so that the vehicles' immaculate paint isn't tarnished with road grime. More than a few of them don't even run. One company set out to do things a little differently for the 2015 SEMA show. Rightline Gear manufactures an innovative line of weatherproof storage bags aimed at the Jeep market, and what better way to showcase their products than by building a Jeep and then driving it from their North Carolina headquarters all the way to the SEMA show in Las Vegas? The company did just that, but due to the distances involved, they had to be careful about the accessories they added. Only durable and reliable products would get them all the way across the country and back, which is why they chose to outfit their 2013 Jeep Wrangler JK with an AIRAID cold air intake system and a few other products from trusted manufacturers.

Jeep Wrangler at SEMA with AIRAID

Most companies trailer their show vehicles to SEMA, but Rightline wanted to showcase the durability of their equipment and those of other manufacturers by driving their show vehicle all the way from North Carolina to Las Vegas. As expected there was some weather along the way. The duffle bags on the roof rack are Rightline’s waterproof storage bags, and they definitely got put to the test.

A JK was a natural choice for Rightline Gear. After all, they specialize in Jeep storage solutions and the JK is the hottest platform in the off-road market right now. The company started with a bone stock two-door Sport model, but it didn't stay stock for very long. First up was a 3-inch lift kit from MaxTrac Suspension, followed closely by a set of 35x12.50R17 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires wrapped around a set of 17x9 Ultra Vagabond wheels. Bushwacker flares got the nod to help clear the larger tires, while the interior benefitted from a host of upgrades from Tuffy, Rhino Linings, Wet Okole, and several other manufacturers. Since Rightline intended to use the Jeep as a calling card on the trails following the SEMA show, the exterior was protected with OR-Fab bumpers and rock sliders, and a Bulldog winch was added just in case things got a little out of hand off-road.

Jeep Wrangler at SEMA Booth with AIRAID

After a full day getting the road grime off the Jeep, the company loaded the Jeep into their booth. The Jeep served as a calling card to showcase Rightline’s full complement of weatherproof Jeep storage solutions.

Jeeps have never been known to be powerhouses, and this is especially true of the late-model Wrangler. While the PentaStar 3.6L V6 is a vast improvement over the 3.8L in 2007-2011 Wranglers, it's still not exactly neck-snapping when you step on the throttle. However, the engine is extremely responsive to an enhanced induction, which is why Rightline reached out to AIRAID for one of their MXP cold air intake systems. A complete kit, the AIRAID MXP system replaces everything from the throttle body out. A new intake box replaces the factory unit, and a new intake tube optimizes airflow to the engine. The JK MXP system is a slight departure from other AIRAID MXP designs in that it has an airbox with a lid, as opposed to an open-style airbox like most other applications. AIRAID chose a sealed box design knowing that most Jeeps will be used off-road, and a sealed box help protect against mud and water ingestion. The box makes use of the factory cold air inlet duct, and is also compatible with popular aftermarket snorkel systems such as those manufactured by ARB and AEV. Inside the box is a premium AIRAID filter available with SynthaFlow oiled filter media in red, or SynthaMax dry filter media in red, blue, or black. Rightline chose the SynthaMax dry filter for their application, and they reported an immediate increase in throttle response as well as overall engine performance. The part number they used for installation is 311-132.

Jeep Wrangler in Moab with AIRAID

After a long trip across the country and an even longer week at the SEMA show, the Rightline crew made a small detour to Moab in order to test out their Jeep build and also reap some of the benefits of all the hard work of previous weeks.

As with most SEMA projects, the build was down to the wire, but the Rightline team was able to get the job done with some help from T and A Offroad. The Jeep made the long trip to Las Vegas without a hitch, and after a full day in the parking lot detailing the Jeep, they loaded it into the SEMA show for the week. The Jeep was a huge success for the company and attracted a lot of attention to both it and the company's innovative storage bags and storage gear. After the show, they couldn't resist driving back to North Carolina via Moab, where they spent a day checking out the slick rock trails and enjoying the benefits of all their hard work.

AIRAID offers an extensive line of cold air intake systems for Jeep vehicles, including the Jeep Wrangler Air Intakes, Jeep Cherokee Air Intakes, and Jeep Grand Cherokee Air Intakes. All of AIRAID's Jeep intake systems are designed to simply bolt into place and work with the factory tuning. For more information on AIRAID's Jeep cold air intake systems, visit our Jeep air intakes page. For more information on AIRAID intakes in general, check out our article on AIRAID intakes explained.


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