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Ultimate Street Car Race Series at Thunderhill Dominated by AIRAID Drivers

Brian Hobaugh and 2003 AIRAID equipped Corvette Z06 at 2016 OUSCI

Brian Hobaugh and his 2003 AIRAID equipped Corvette Z06 placed first in several race segments throughout the weekend

Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car Race Series has become a popular and quickly growing event where street legal vehicles compete against each other to prove they are the “Ultimate Street Car.” In 2008 the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational was started, inviting high quality, award winning SEMA builds to prove their vehicle was truly a “street car.” What was once a race for only SEMA builds has now turned into a ten event series across the country. All genres of vehicles from muscle cars to modern muscle and imports to exotics are eligible to register for an Optima event. Though winning a single event earns bragging points, the real race does not start until November, when the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational takes place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Brian Hobaugh and 2003 AIRAID equipped Corvette Z06 at 2016 OUSCI

Winning the autocross and speed stop secured Hobaugh’s first place overall standing in the GTS Class

Proving you have the Ultimate Street Car is more than just racing. There are five segments that help earn points towards your accumulative overall score. These segments include an autocross, a speed stop, a design challenge, a road rally, and finally a hot lap challenge. Though some competitors may favor one segment over another, the Ultimate Street Car must adapt and surpass its competition in all five segments. By obtaining the top points in each segment, drivers car hope to secure a podium finish at the end of the weekend. This is exactly what AIRAID drivers Brian Hobaugh and Ken Thwaits did at the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car Thunderhill Raceway event.

Ken Thwaits  2016 OUSCI

With one race down, AIRAID driver Ken Thwaits is on a mission to claim the Ultimate Street Car title

Brian Hobaugh’s AIRAID air intake equipped 2003 Chevy Corvette Z06 found its way to the podium at Thunderhill Raceway, finishing first in the GTS class. After scoring first on the autocross and hot lap segment of the race, Hobaugh secured his overall first place win while also receiving his invite to the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI) in November. The Z06 competed at the 2015 OUSCI, but Hobaugh was still shaking down his newly built Corvette at the time. Whatever Hobaugh did to the Z06 during the winter months seems to be working, and it showed at Thunderhill.

Ken Thwaits first place 2014 Z28 OUSCI

The 2014 Z28 has seen a first place finish in the GT Class before, but securing a win early on means Thwaits can focus on seat time before the final race

Ken Thwaits of Showtime Motorsports and his 2014 Camaro Z28 was the second AIRAID sponsored vehicle to win its class. The Z28 also had the opportunity to compete at OUSCI last November, though driver Cody Mason was behind the wheel at that time. Thwaits fought through some mechanic problems throughout the weekend not knowing if his standings in each segment would be enough to earn him first in the GT Class. By the end of Sunday, Thwaits was crowned winner, securing his spot alongside Hobaugh to compete again at the 2016 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational.

AIRAID sponsored Z06 and Z28 at 2016 OUSCI

With nine Optima events left before OUSCI, the AIRAID sponsored Z06 and Z28 will continue to follow the Optima Series throughout the remainder of the year

As the Optima Race Series continues to travel across the country, more AIRAID sponsored drivers will be found competing at these events. Though a Corvette has won OUSCI three years in a row, Ken Thwaits’ Z28 will be a tough contender at this year’s invitational. The questions is will it be enough to beat Danny Popp, three time champion, or the RS Motors crew, who have consistently come in a close second with their Mitsubishi Evos? Or will Brian Hobaugh and his 2003 Z06 take the lead to become this year’s 2016 Ultimate Street Car? Hobaugh has already seen victory back in 2013, winning OUSCI in his 1965 Corvette. Can he reclaim the title over Danny Popp or will it be someone new that takes home the title of the “Ultimate Street Car?”

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