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2015 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang with the AIRAID MIT Gets Boost

AIRAID MIT for the 2015 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang

The AIRAID MIT for the 2015 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang is a simple intake upgrade that takes just a few minutes to install. Note the larger diameter of the tube at the turbo inlet and the special coupler that necks do to the stock turbo inlet size. This enables the MIT to support larger aftermarket turbos.

The 2015 Mustang was a huge hit when it was introduced and furthered Ford’s influence in the late-model muscle car wars. There was plenty of excitement about the 5.0L V-8, but a big part of the buzz surrounding the latest generation Mustang’s release was the availability of the new 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. Taking a page from the sport compact market, Ford took a small and lightweight four-cylinder engine and then added a turbo, enabling it to keep up with much larger displacement engines while delivering more palatable fuel economy numbers. The EcoBoost engine has proven to be a popular engine choice for blue oval pony car fans, as it has a lot of potential to produce serious power. Enthusiasts are already making impressive passes down the dragstrip with EcoBoost-powered Mustangs, and there’s a healthy demand for performance upgrades of all kinds for the new engine. AIRAID has answered the call from EcoBoost fans with a new Modular Intake Tube (MIT) for the 2015 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang.

2015 EcoBoost-powered Mustang drag racer

AIRAID was one of the first manufacturers to get a 2015 EcoBoost-powered Mustang. It was going down the dragstrip shortly thereafter as we tested new intake products.

The 450-930 AIRAD MIT tube is a simple upgrade that addresses a major shortcoming of the factory intake system on the 2.3L. The factory intake tube has a long run from the stock intake box on the driver side fender well to the turbo inlet, which is down low on the passenger side of the engine. The tube also uses a narrow diameter with baffles in it that are designed to reduce engine noise, which comes at the cost of airflow. The long run of the tube further introduces turbulence, all of which impacts the turbo’s ability to draw in air efficiently. The AIRAID MIT tube replaces the restrictive factory tube with a larger diameter tube that is specially designed to increase airflow to the engine. This enables the engine to breathe easier and run more efficiently, which in turn improves throttle response and engine power. The tube also features a larger opening at the turbo inlet with a specially formed coupler that necks down to the appropriate size for the factory turbo. This design also makes the tube compatible with larger aftermarket turbochargers. This enables the AIRAID MIT tube to be compatible with future power upgrades by simply swapping the coupler for a larger one when a bigger turbo is installed.

The AIRAID MIT tube is constructed of high density polyethylene for strength and resistance to heat transfer. The MIT includes new couplers and clamps that attach directly to the factory intake box and turbo inlet, making for a clean installation that takes just a few minutes.

AIRAID MIT installed in the engine bay 2015 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang

The installed look of the 450-930 MIT is subtle and nearly factory, with only the AIRAID badge indicating that the vehicle has been upgraded/ Users can choose to keep or delete the factory sound tube with the AIRAID MIT.

The 450-930 MIT intake upgrade for the EcoBoost Mustang makes a great stand-alone upgrade or can be combined with a high-flow drop-in replacement filter in the factory airbox to enable even more free-flowing air to the engine. With its compatibility with other power upgrades, the AIRAID MIT is a great investment for making additional power regardless of the performance modifications planned. In addition to the MIT, AIRAID offers full MXP Cold Air Intake systems (part numbers 450-326, 451-326, 452-326, 453-326) and Racing Intake Systems (part number 450-330) for the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang.

Features and Benefits of the 450-930 MIT for the 2015 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang include:

  • Engineered to boost horsepower and torque
  • Low restriction, free-flowing intake tube
  • Roto-molded, high density polyethylene intake tube
  • Stainless steel clamps and silicone couplers/hump hoses included
  • Larger diameter tube at the turbo inlet makes the tube compatible with large turbos
  • No Hassle Lifetime Warranty

For more information regarding Cold Air Intake systems for a specific year model vehicles, simply use the Product Search Tool. For more information about AIRAID Modular Intake Tubes, visit the Modular Intake Tube page. For more information about AIRAID Cold Air Intakes and MIT tubes for all Mustangs, visit the Mustang Cold Air Intake Page. For information about available drop-in replacement filters, visit the Drop-In Replacement Air Filter Page. To locate your nearest AIRAID dealer, simply use our Dealer Search Tool.


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