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Long-Life Air Filters

Longer Life & More Performance

AIRAID’s performance multi-stage filter, consisting of stabilized synthetic blend filter media and a non-woven synthetic pre-filter is the first of it’s kind. It’s a true long-life performance disposable air filter. Save money and time by switching to an AIRAID long-life disposable air filter today!


Added Protection for Your Engine

Performance multi-stage filter media provides high airflow and excellent filtration

Non-woven synthetic pre-filter for added protection

The secret to the AIRAID disposable filter’s long life lies in the special non-woven synthetic pre-filter. This pre-filter acts as a first line of defense against dirt, stopping many contaminants before they can even reach the pleated filter media underneath. This adds to protection and greatly increases dirt capacity, leading to longer life wihout sacrificing engine performance or protection.

Stabilized synthetic blend filter pleats for increased airflow

If dirt is able to find its way through the synthtic pre-filter, it runs into the pleated synthetic blend filter media, which is designed to stop dirt and other contaminants from reaching your engine. The stabilized pleats help prevent airflow restriction, allowing for greater airflow into the engine, therby increasing performance.

Outstanding filtration and capacity with 50% more dust capacity than paper filters

The unique dual-stage filter media allows for huge amounts of dirt and dust to be filtered out of the air leading to your engine before becomming clogged and needing replacement. Without spending much more than a traditional paper air filter, you can enjoy the benefits of increased filtration, dust capacity, and performance. Find yours below!


Long-life performance up to
24,000 miles

We spend enough time and money servicing our cars and trucks. Extend your service intervals with an long-life disposable filter that can last up to twice as long as traditional paper air filters. Switch to an AIRAID long-life air filter and don’t worry about touching it again for 12 months or 24,000 miles!

  • Installs easily in factory airbox
  • Direct replacement for OEM filter
  • Durable construction
  • Patent pending technology
  • Meets or exceeds OE factory requirements
  • Designed & engineered by K&N, leaders in the filtration market.
  • Won't void vehicle's warranty
  • Lasts twice as long without costing twice as much as traditional paper filters
Long-Life 24,000 Miles Up to 50% More Dust Capacity No-Hassle Limited Warranty