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AIRAID Drop-in Replacement Air Filters

AIRAID® Drop-in Replacement Air Filters

AIRAID Premium Air Filters

AIRAID Drop-In Replacement Air Filters install into your vehicle's factory air box and are drop-in replacements for stock paper filter elements. Constructed using the same premium materials used in AIRAID Cold Air Intake Kits, these washable and reusable air filters offer significant improvements in air flow while providing outstanding filtration. Why throw money away on a paper filter each time the old one gets dirty when you can upgrade to a reusable AIRAID Premium Filter often for less than the cost of two stock replacements?

AIRAID Drop-In Replacement filters require no modifications and installation is as simple as replacing a stock filter.

Multiple Layers of Defense Against Dirt

Every AIRAID Premium Filter is hand-built using the finest materials available today. AIRAID Premium Filters come with a Lifetime Guarantee. We start with multiple layers of cotton gauze combined with our unique filtration technology resulting in a superior filtration system. These air filters are available in either an oiled cotton/synthetic filter media blend which is recommened for dusty, dry driving conditions or in a dry synthetic filter media which is recommended for everyday street use. Some replacement air filters are available in red, blue and black colors.

Lifetime Guarantee

AIRAID Premium Filters are built to last "for a lifetime" guaranteed. Each AIRAID Premium Filter body is made from hand-poured urethane that won't crack or shrink in the high-heat environment found under the hoods of today's vehicles. Each AIRAID Premium Filter is 100-percent washable and reusable and come with AIRAID's exclusive "No Hassle" Warranty.

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