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Customer Testimonials for ECONOAID® Throttle Body Boosters

The results from these customers may not be typical.

To Whom it may concern, I purchased an "Econoaid" for my 2013 Jeep Wrangler last week. I had been quite disappointed with the fuel mileage coming from the Jeep, so I was looking for anything to help the situation. The previous weekend I had made a trip from Salt Lake City to St. George, UT a 300 mile drive each way, I averaged 16.4 mpg. This was the best average mileage I had recorded since buying the Jeep new. The very next weekend after installing the "Econoaid" on Friday, I made the same trip again and recorded 19.2 mpg on the trip down and 20.1 mpg on the return. I can only attribute this increase to the Econaid. What is really disappointing is that something this simple can make such a dramatic improvement and it hasn't been discovered/implemented by the manufacturers. Great work and great product.
Kudos to "Airaid"! Justin - SLC,UT Off Road Store

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to commend your company on your excellent customer service. When it arrived, the Econoaid was complete with great instructions and large pictures on how to install it. During the installation, I accidentally ripped the gasket. When I called your customer service line, I was treated very politely and received a new one practically overnight. From my experiences, there are very few companies that still deliver good customer service. I will say your company is one of them.
A Satisfied customer, Phil J. Madsen Houston, TX

Thank you so much for the great product!!
I just purchased and installed your Econoaid Throttle Body Booster for my 2005 Dodge Ram (Hemi). You were telling the truth when you said it was an easy install...30 minutes max. You can really hear that motor take a deep gulp of air every time you hit the throttle!!! My passing power has really jumped. My buddies were shocked when I opened the hood. So simple, yet so effective. The product was everything you promised and well worth the money spent. It was a great enhancement to the already great MOPAR performance. It instantly convinced several of my friends to place their order. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Mike Wilson, Stockton, CA

I just installed a Econoaid Booster on my ram 2500 and picked up some power and about 1-2 miles per gallon. I can tell it would be more if we lived in a flatter part of the country.
Tom Harris, South Jordan, UT

My mpgs went from 20 to 23 and i can feel more mid range power, and i love the sound. This will pay for itself in no time. Very good product for the money. BUY IT!!
Richard Harrison, Topeka, KS

I found the Econoaidto be a great add-on for the money$$$ It made a definite MPG improvement....around 3mpg difference. This is the first add-on I did for my new 2008 5.3L Tahoe, and this has worked out fantastic.
Ryan Jones, Milford, MI

I read an article about installing the Econoaid Throttle booster on the jeep cherokee. I installed it on cherokee #1 and was impressed with the performance. in keeping with a good thing, i just recently purchased cherokee #5 and naturally wanted an econoaid for it. my family owns 5 different year jeep cherokees. the performance improvementis noticeable in all of them. Thank for a great product that works and is easy to install.
Tom Miller, Buffalo, NY

Let me begin by giving praises for your EXCELLENT Customer Support. The best I have experienced, PERIOD. I installed the Econoaid on my ’99 Chevy Suburban. The difference is awesome (throttle response and gas mileage). Simply, the truck runs stronger than ever before (my wife even asked why the truck runs better). The product works and is definitely worth it! I can’t emphasize enough what a great Customer Service response you guys provide.
Jacob, Charlotte, NC

Thank you very much for the prompt and excellent customer service. I received the replacement Gasket Thursday and am very happy with the product, the performance and the company. Your excellent customer service made all the difference in the world. I will be more than happy to recommend your product in the future.
Thanks Again, Johnny Chase

It is getting harder and harder to find a company that give GREAT customer service. Thanks for being one that does. I up graded my truck from a 2002 to a 2004. I took my EconoAid off but forgot to take the Gasket. I called and asked to purchase new ones and to my supprise there was no charge. Your people sent me everything I needed. The install took about 15 minutes and the test drive was fun. I don't normally put stickers on my truck but yours is there now.
Christopher, Hillsboro, IL

I just recieved the EconoAid for my 1997 Jeep XJ. It fit perfectly; there was no hassle at all. The installation for both only took about 25 minutes. I immediately tested the products and to my suprise I could feel the difference even at idle. I got out onto the open road and the response time was much quicker. The best way to describe the noise that my Jeep now makes is a low grumble with a loud wooooooo. Thanks EconoAid for making these great products. I would recommend them to anyone.
Mike Riggs, Phoenix, AZ

I purchased a EconoAid Throttle body booster for my 2008 Silverado Ext. Cab about a month ago and I have to say... thanks ! My gas bill last month was down nearly $40! I'm very happy at this point with the product purchased. It took about 15 minutes to install it and other the savings started! I would like to know if you have a EconoAid sticker I could proudly display on my truck. I believe others should take the advantage and get one, it's so worth it!

A very happy customer, John Williams, Miami FL

Gentlemen: I put your EconoAid Throttle Body Booster on my pick-up in about 35 minutes and have enjoyed the better gas mileage (2-3) and hill climbing power ever since. I also put 2" shorter tires on the front and gained another mpg. I drive 133 miles round trip to work 5 and 6 days a week and your product can pay for itself in less than a year. Thank you for a product that does what it was claimed to.
Curt Arny, Johnsonville CA

I recently purchased your Econoaid Booster for my '97 Suburban...what a pleasure it was to get something that had instructions that were easy to follow and have the part "go on" just like it's supposed to (this is coming from a 'non-mechanic')...Thanks!
Ted Mathers,Webster, SD

So I followed the instructions and I installed your Econoaid Throttle booster in my 2001 f150 4x4 V8. I instantly saw an improvement in off idle response. I have 4.10 gears with the stock firestones and it was dramatic. It accelerates smoother and quicker. So now the real test. I drove to Sacramento from orange and I averaged 15.6 mpg there and 14.9 on the return trip. The drop was due to my driving 70 mph instead of 65 mph; around town is 11.9 to 12.5. All this infomation comes off my onboard factory computer. This is a fantastic product!
Steve Ridgeway, Victoria, TX

Just installed your Econoaid Throttle body booster on my '98 Cherokee 4.0L HO. Took about 30 minutes. My average mileage went from 17.2 to 21.4 (as seen by the on-board computer)! I am impressed by the completeness of the kit, didn't need to do any adjustment to the cruise control at all! GREAT product!

Thank You,
Pat Smith, Corkscrew, FL

I recently installed your econoaid throttle body booster on my 2002 Chevy Silverado and left on a trip to AZ from my home in MN. All together we traveled over 4000 miles. Most of the travel was on freeway at freeway speeds. Even at those speed I got 16 to 17 mpg. We did have about 400 miles of two lane road and our travel speed was less than 65 mph. On this part of the trip we got 22 mpg. This is an improvement of at least 5 to 6 mpg better than I have ever experienced before. And the performance was outstanding. I could take 6 to 7 % grades without the truck shifting out of overdrive. I was not sure of my purchase before that trip but now I'm sold on your product and couldn't be happier!

Thank You,
Ben Casey, Sarasota, FL

I installed an Econoaid on my 98 suburban with a 5.7L. Needless to say it left much to be desired for fuel economy and performance. Previously it got 16 m.p.g at best on a road trip. This year I took a road trip to Colorado Springs, CO. and got 20.4 after installing your product. The performance and mileage left me flabbergasted. I passed other Suburbans going over mountain passes where you could see they were struggling and I had plenty of power! It boggles my mind that auto manufacturers do not utilize your product as standard equipment. My vehicle is available for your inspection to back up my side of the story. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
Mike Johnson, Bloomington, IN

Just a quick note of thanks to you guys. My 1988 Chevy pickup Truck has really improved greatly, since three weeks ago I received my kit for it. I am a want-a-be Do it my selfer and it only took me 30 mins to put it on. My only suggestion would be to include a extra decal that I could put on my back window so those poor guys behind me know what they need to get on there truck to keep up with me.. Thanks again for the great sound and power!
Thanks again, Jack Offenberg, Madison WI

I just wanted to let you know, that I could tell there is a slight increase in power in my 2003 Prius. It’s like when you get a a tune up and you think I should have done this 20,000 miles ago. Also my miles per gallon went from 48.7 to 50.9 on my 33 mile freeway commute to work. So it is doing something.
Gregg R., Phoenix AZ

Since I have put this product on my Toyota Tundra, I have noticed an increase in gas mileage by 2.0 MPG. This product delivers in what it says it will do. I would recommend this product if you want to increase mileage, and I did notice a small increase in performance, but only a gnat's whisker.
CJ Johansen, Wellington FL

I installed this throttle body booster on my 5.4L F-150 in about 15 min. very easy. I already have a Airaid air intake installed, so with this added, there is a definate notice in a power gain. gas milage has improved about 3 mpg.
Ricky Jackson, San jose CA

Was very impressed with delivery in two days.Installing the product on my mustang was very simple.Did notice that acceleration seemed to improve,and saw around 2 MPG gain.
Laquisha Edwards, Van Lear KY

Added the econoaid throttle booster to the airaid intake on my Hemi Ram. The intake provided a much more noticable power gain, however I think the econoaid helped tremendously with MPG. gained about 1-3 in city and 3-4 on highway... Great investment and It can't be beat for $29.99
Thomas Jones, Beckley WV

Nicely made, perfect fitment, no hassle install. I can notice a little more burst off the line in my titan. Thanks for a great product.
Willy Wilson, Eugene, Or

When I purchased this throttle body booster I was a little sceptical about it. I conitplated on buying a S&B cold air intake. I talked to one of my friends who had purchased this item for his Chevy Silverado and also put in a S&B air filter and he said save yourself about a $100. So I did. I had previously had a cold air intake on another Silverado that made a big difference on the top end power. Once I had put this spacer with the filter I could instantly tell a difference of the top end power! Even a little more than the intake! I was sure glad I listened. Not only was I satisfied with the spacer but this item also saved me about $100. I definetly recommend for anyone to go this route.
Tyrone Phillips, Tacoma WA

Order process was a breeze. Arrived in a few days. Intallation piece of cake. 1-2 MPG increase in my toyota Prius. you just can't beat the gains for the money
Misty Barns, Pittsburgh PA

Having now had the Econoaid Throttle booster in over a full week, I can now see what the hype is all about and put to rest all the rumors. This device works plain and simple!! The Econoaid TBS not only increased the MidLevel power\torque on my 2006 H3 but increased my mpg by at least 2.5 per gallon. Thanks for a trememdous and affordable product.
TJ Walsh, Hollywood FL

So I have one of your Econoaid spacers on my 2002 2500HD Silverado 6.0L. Seems to work…drove it out to CA yesterday, wind killed the mileage, but seems to have better off-idle throttle response and mpgs. Drove down to Tucson and back with 5 people and luggage on board on one tank…that was a first.
KW, Peoria AZ

The Econoaid Booster was very simple to install. I put it on my 03 Mazda 3 2.0L and it definitly helped the underpowered car through the mid range. Most of all it gave me a few extra MPG's. I would definitely spend the money again, well worth it.
Bob Powers, Irvine, CA

I have noticed an increase in both power and gas mileage on my 2008 Focus, although the mileage increase wasn't huge. For the money it is a great upgrade. Very easy to put in, and the installation instructions are very detailed.
Noah Johnson, Lincoln, NE

Installed throttle body booster a couple days ago on my 2004 Nissan Altima...Noticable mid-range performance increase. and I have also gained about a 2 mile per gallon increase in fuel economy. Very Good Product and super easy to install with very clear instructions!
Jeff Greene, Moore, OK

I was looking for a way to somewhat increase my gas mileage on my sentra and found that the econoaid booster would be a solultion. Installation was a breeze, very easy. After installing my spacer It took awhile before I noticed an increase in MPG. Before insatlling my booster I was averging about 17.5 MPG. I am now averging about 19.8 and with a good tailwind it jumps to 20.2
Gunner Fitzpatrick, Taylors, SC

Great Product! I have noticed faster revs in the mid to high end. When I can keep my foot out of it, my Tacoma is averageing 1.5 more mpg's around town. I have not been on the highway enough for a comparison.
Chris Thomas, Walden, NY

This Econoaid has helped increase my torque and horsepower in my 4.7 Jeep Commander. My MPG has increased by 1.4 and it doesn't make a winding sound like some of the spacers on the market.
Steven Phillips, Delmar, DE

I have an 2003 Ford F-150 with the 5.4L V8, with a 4 inch lift and 35" tires. the oversized tires drained allot of my power. This econoaid really gave my truck some more pep. The Booster even gave me another 2 to 2.5 mpg better. Definately a good product.
Brock Rubin, Portland, OR

I own a 1997, V6 Tacoma. The install took about half an hour with the right tools MPG and Torque have improved quite a bit with this and a Fram air filter
Dilbert Knight, Holton, KS

This product was very easy to install on my 4.7L Dodge Ram, did notice a little better throttle response and pep, i've gotten approx. 2 to 2.5 mpg increase. Nice quality, good detailed instructions, Thanks for a great product that actually works!
Earl Fish, Brooklyn, NY

We love it!! We put one on my 2006 Chevy Suburban. We pulled our camper with it and you never knew we were pulling it, what normally burns over a tank of gas only burned half a tank. I can go twice as long on a tank of gas for my weekly commute for work as I ever could before. This is a wonderful invention expecially with gas prices what they are today. We recommend it to everyone we know and are even buying one for all of our children for their cars and tucks. Thank You.
Paul and Julie, Burton Michigan

Just under 20mins for the entire installation on my 2004 Ford F-150. Tear down to the throttle body took about 8 minutes. Spacer went on easy. Low end throttle increase, Slight power increase,3 mpg gain on the highway.
Ryan Casey, Las Vagas, NV

I purchased the Econoaid for my 2007 Ford Mustang GT. I have quite a few modifications done to the car and had a very rough idle. I am pleased and could not be more happy. The Econoaid cured the rough idle I was having and the car runs better than ever and the MPG has picked up as well. Thanks for a great product!
Eric Kelley, Tampa, FL

I Installed the Econo-aid on my 1998 Yukon with the 350 vortex. Very noticeable improved low and mid range throttle response. Seems to be more horsepower and torque from standing start off idle. Mileage seems to have improved, Would highly reccomend.
Jason Hicksen, Boise, ID

The econoaid throttle body spacer was an excellent choice to get. it really made my throttle reponse better in low RPM range. It also made a nice differance in my gas milage. Installing it was very simple, for me it took only 15mins to install.
Robert Green, Ramona, Ca