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How it Works - ECONOAID® Throttle Body Boosters

ECONOAID Throttle Body Booster Diagram

The ECONOAID Throttle Body Booster is a non-moving aluminum plate that is mounted between the vehicles throttle body and intake manifold. The PATENTED (US Pat. #7,665,442), .032" thin plate is made of 5052-H32 aluminum which is stamped and formed with CNC equipment that shapes and contours the unique air directing vanes. ECONOAID Throttle Body Booster Spins the incoming air as it passes through your throttle body and over the multitude of ECONOAID blades. The turbulent air charge is carried through past intake valves for better atomization and more complete combustion! The ECONOAID Throttle Body Booster will give you a crisper throttle response. Results will vary depending on vehicle type, driving habits, age of the vehicle, and driving environment, among other factors. EconoAid's are made in the U.S.A. and are 50 state emissions legal (CARB EO# D-520-4).

How it Works - ECONOAID Throttle Body Boosters