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AIRAID Diesel Air Intake Systems

AIRAID® Diesel Air Intake Systems

AIRAID Diesel Air Intake Systems

Diesel engines are THE choice for heavy hauling. Modern diesel engines produce mountains of torque but also need incredible amounts of air to make power. AIRAID understands the unique needs of diesel trucks and has developed a complete line of cold air intake systems that deliver plenty of clean, cold air to everything from stock to heavily modified diesel engines.

AIRAID Cold Air Dam (CAD) systems utilize specially formed metal panels that help keep hot engine compartment air away from the filter while directing in plenty of cool outside air. AIRAID MXP systems include a complete replacement roto-molded intake box that utilizes the factory cold air inlet duct while often adding additional cold air inlets. Both types of intakes use massive premium air filters to handle the tremendous airflow requirements of modern turbocharged diesel engines. AIRAID diesel intakes work with the factory tuning, so no additional modifications are needed. All in all, AIRAID offers quality performance intake solutions for modern diesel trucks.

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