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AIRAID Classic Air Intakes

AIRAID® Classic Air Intake Systems

AIRAID Classic Air Intake Systems

AIRAID Clasic Air Intakes add a new spin to vehicles with limited air flow to the original filter location. Our mandrel-bent, powder coated inlet tube moves the air inlet to a better location, optimizing air flow at the drop of the throttle. The exclusive filter adapter sends air directly into the intake system, providing increased horsepower over the stock air box. The 360-degree conical AIRAID Premium Filter is washable and reusable; it is less restrictive than traditional paper and assures superior filtration.

For off-road enthusiasts, some kits include a specially designed splash shield. AIRAID Classic Air Intakes are available for a variety of vehicle makes and models, offering a cold, dense air charge for improved horsepower and torque.

Find the AIRAID Air Intake for Your Vehicle